Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Toronto

Laundry Hub is a convenient, on-demand laundry valet service that delivers your laundry clean and folded or dry cleaned within 48hrs. 

We have superior sanitation standards and use efficient technology to provide you with the best laundry valet service possible. 

We Serve: Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Wash and Fold Toronto: Effortless Laundry Services Tailored to Your Busy Lifestyle

Welcome to Laundry Hub, an esteemed wash and fold service in Toronto, meticulously designed to streamline your laundry experience with absolute ease and efficiency. We empathize with the demands of your bustling schedule, acknowledging the burden that laundry upkeep can impose. So, we proudly present our premium laundry services, where unrivaled quality meets unparalleled convenience. Trust us with your cherished garments, and allow us to cleanse, fold, and prepare them for your wear, granting you the gift of time and the luxury of flawlessly laundered attire.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Time-saving Convenience: Our distinguished wash and fold service has been artfully crafted to liberate you from the arduous task of laundering. By simply availing yourself of our services, you may effortlessly relinquish the responsibility. Leave your soiled garments in our capable hands and revel in the newfound freedom to attend to other pressing obligations.

  2. Impeccable Cleaning: With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we pledge to deliver superlative cleaning outcomes. Our highly skilled personnel harness the power of cutting-edge equipment and superior detergents, ensuring a thorough eradication of stains, grime, and odors that may have besmirched your apparel.

  3. Delicate Handling: We fully comprehend the value you attach to your cherished garments. Hence, our dedicated team bestows upon each item the utmost care and reverence it deserves. Meticulously adhering to specific washing instructions and the unique demands of various fabrics, we endeavor to safeguard their quality and prolong their lifespan.

  4. Refined Folding and Packaging: Once your garments have been rendered immaculate, our meticulous artisans take great care in folding and packaging them with precision. This fastidious attention to detail guarantees that upon retrieval, your attire is presented in a crisply folded and beautifully arranged state, ready for immediate use or secure storage.

Customer Service: At our esteemed wash and fold service in Toronto, we take immense pride in offering a superlative customer service experience. Acutely aware of the inherent significance of trust and dependability when entrusted with your treasured garments, we consistently strive to cultivate an environment suffused with warmth and amiability, wherein your needs are promptly and courteously met.

Our attentive personnel are perpetually prepared to address any queries or concerns that may arise. We firmly believe in fostering lucid and transparent communication, ensuring you remain apprised of the progress of your laundry and any pertinent developments that warrant your attention. Your utmost satisfaction remains our paramount objective, impelling us to traverse the extra mile and surpass your loftiest expectations.

We eagerly anticipate the privilege of serving you, facilitating a laundry experience unparalleled in its seamlessness and satisfaction.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Your favourite pair of pants, that power dress—they require the best care. That’s why we only work with the best to ensure your laundry is in good hands.

Step 1

Get quote or schedule pick-up and delivery with the click of a button and a Laundry Hub valet will come right to your home.

Step 2

We wash and fold your laundry just like you do at home and we'll never mix in your garments with anyone else's.

Step 3

Enjoy all of life’s precious moments while we take care of your laundry, and deliver it right to your door when its all clean and folded.


Low Cost

Get a quick quote and see how cost effective our service really is!

Quality Assurance

We wash, fold and sanitize everything at best everything at industry best standards of cleaning.

Quick Turnaround Time

Get your laundry washed, folded and sanitized and delivered to you within 48 hours!

High Quality Service

Our service is highly reliable and prompt and is highly recommended by many! Our price and performance is unmatched!


FREE Pick up & Delivery

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We have one mission and it is to give you back your most valuable asset | Your Time



No hidden fees. What you see is what you get. Your laundry is charged by weight and as such, your card is not processed until we weigh your bag. You are sent an updated price before your card is charged and your clothes are cleaned.


We love what we do...

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Read some of the really nice comments our past customers have had to say about us.
Octavia Bryce
Octavia Bryce
Google Review
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This service has been a life saver for me especially in my last days of pregnancy and a 2 year old at home. Pick and delivery is always prompt and my clothes are nicely folded ready to be put away! I also have family members who have used this service and they are very pleased as well. Overall I have had a great experience and look forward to continuing to use this service.
Ortega Tapambwa
Ortega Tapambwa
Google Review
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I heard about the company through a referral by a co-worker a month or so ago. The service was excellent and extremely convenient. I have used them semi-annually ever since. Easy to set up, friendly workers and great customer service. I have been a very happy client with Laundry Hub and would recommend them to be your #1 choice for a laundry service in Ontario.
Brian D.
Google Review
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Excellent customer service and incredible convenience! I do not worry about doing laundry with this service in existence! My clothes are picked up, then washed and neatly folded and sent back to my place! On top of that, it is affordable! Anyone can take advantage of this laundry service. Highly recommended!!!
Natalie Groen
Google Review
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I have used Laundry Hub several times now for dry cleaning. The customer service has been amazing and the pricing is great as well. It is so convenient not having to drag all my clothes to the dry cleaner and back!

Engaging in the seemingly endless cycle of laundry can be a daunting task, particularly for individuals amidst the bustling streets of Toronto. However, fear not, for our esteemed wash and fold service emerges as a beacon of respite, offering an array of benefits that transform laundry into an effortless endeavor. Furthermore, we are pleased to provide an added layer of convenience through our complimentary pick-up and delivery service, ensuring a truly seamless and hassle-free experience. Let us delve into the merits of our wash and fold service in Toronto:

  1. Time-Saving Convenience: With our highly efficient wash and fold service, you are afforded the luxury of reclaiming precious time that would otherwise be consumed by the laborious tasks of sorting, washing, drying, and folding. By simply scheduling a pick-up at your desired location within Toronto, our diligent team assumes responsibility for the entire process. This liberates you to direct your attention toward matters of utmost significance, be it professional obligations, familial commitments, or personal aspirations.

  2. Exemplary Cleaning of Professional Caliber: Our seasoned laundry professionals possess an unparalleled level of expertise, assuring the meticulous care of your garments. Armed with advanced techniques, premium detergents, and state-of-the-art equipment, we undertake the task of delivering a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning experience. From delicate fabrics warranting gentle handling to stubborn stains necessitating strategic intervention, our accomplished team approaches each garment with meticulous precision and unparalleled finesse.

  3. Meticulous Attention to Detail: Our wash and fold service not only encompasses the realm of cleaning but extends to the realm of presentation, ensuring that your clothes emerge beautifully arranged and ready for immediate use or effortless storage. Our dedicated team takes great pride in their craft, expending meticulous effort in flawlessly folding each item, mindful of even the minutest details. The result is a harmoniously organized ensemble, awaiting your perusal with utmost satisfaction and delight.

  4. Complimentary Pick-up and Delivery: We are acutely aware of the importance of convenience, a principle that underpins our commitment to excellence. Thus, we proudly offer the added advantage of complimentary pick-up and delivery services for your laundry within the boundaries of Toronto. No longer shall you grapple with concerns pertaining to the laborious task of transportation. Instead, our amiable drivers shall promptly collect your laundry from your specified location, subsequently returning it to you at a time of your convenience. Embracing this remarkable convenience, you may indulge in the benefits of our wash and fold service without bearing any additional burden.

  5. Effective Time Management: By availing yourself of our wash and fold service, you gain the invaluable ability to manage your time with unparalleled efficiency, dedicating it to endeavors of greater significance. Whether engaging in cherished moments with loved ones, cultivating personal passions, or simply embracing a moment of repose, our service bestows upon you the capacity to strike an exquisite balance within the tapestry of your daily routine.

  6. Alleviation of Stress: Laundry, when allowed to accumulate, often serves as a significant source of stress and anxiety. However, with our wash and fold service, this burden is promptly lifted from your shoulders, engendering a profound sense of relief and tranquility. No longer shall you be encumbered by the weight of laundry-related concerns, for our reliable and efficient service assumes responsibility for your needs, fostering an environment of serenity and mental well-being.

Embark upon a transformative laundry experience by embracing the convenience and advantages of our esteemed wash and fold service in Toronto. Bid farewell to the perils of laundry-induced stress and greet a newfound era of liberation and unbounded time. Allow us the privilege of attending to your laundry, as you direct your focus towards the endeavors that truly enrich your life.

Contact us promptly to arrange your complimentary pick-up and delivery, and embark upon an odyssey of effortless laundry care.

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