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Laundry Hub is a premier provider of personalized laundry service in Toronto. We pick up your laundry, wash, fold, and deliver your clean laundry within 24 hours. With Laundry Hub, you will have more time to focus on the things you care about – like planning a perfect family outing, finishing that last-minute project, or catching up with your friends. That means wash & fold laundry tasks will be the last thing to worry about.

Our Services

Wash & Fold Laundry Service

Do not waste another evening or weekend washing, drying, and folding your laundry – let Laundry Hub handle the dirty laundry while you spend your valuable time doing other things that matter. With our wash & fold laundry service in Toronto, your clothes are returned carefully washed and folded neatly, including paired socks.

Before washing and folding your clothes, we check your pockets, separate light clothes from dark ones, adhere to all your pre-selected wet cleaning preferences, and never mix your laundry load with anyone else’s. Remember, our all-inclusive wash & fold service option is often priced per bag, allowing you to make significant savings on your monthly laundry budget.

Wash & fold laundry service in Toronto is our crown jewel. With many years of experience in the laundry industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and the resources required to wash, dry, fold, and pack your clothes. Indeed, our team prides itself on the fact that we don’t outsource laundry to other laundry companies in Toronto. Each of our laundry experts has mastered the art of laundry services and focuses on meeting our clients’ expectations.

Dry Cleaning

Replace your trips to Toronto’s laundromats with a ‘click’ and get fast, convenient, and quality eco-friendly dry cleaning services.

“Can you come back in five days?”

We will never say that. Just schedule laundry pickup and delivery depending on your preferences. All you need to do is to prepare your laundry for pick up. Remember, we can help sort your clothes and you don’t have to pack them in fancy laundry bags, but you must label the bags accordingly.

After picking up your laundry, we inspect, itemize, and keep a record of every item of your dry cleaning order. Our dry cleaning process involves treating stains using methods that don’t damage your fabrics or drain colors. Also, we do post-cleaning garment inspections to ensure every item is clean and press all your laundry items to perfection. Note that every laundry order is carefully inspected to account for all items before leaving our laundry facility.

Commercial Laundry Service

Get fast, reliable, and custom laundry services for your business. At Laundry Hub, we know that laundry can be a hassle for time-served business managers and owners. We will take laundry off your already lengthy to-do list, creating more time for you to focus on your business and less on laundry spin cycles. This will improve the overall quality and efficiency of your business operations.

Did you know that your business has a chance to attract more clients and thrive if the quality and cleanliness of your laundered linens and other items are consistent? That’s why we provide customized commercial laundry services – to meet your brand’s standards and maintain satisfied clients. Indeed, we’re committed to fulfilling all your laundry preferences. For instance, if you want your towels rolled rather than folded, consider it done.

How Laundry Hub Works

Step 1: Schedule your laundry order for pick up

Place an order online anytime depending on your availability. One of our staff members will pick up your laundry right at your doorstep at the most convenient time for you. Be sure to customize your laundry preferences – choose your preferred laundry pickup day, specify the detergent to be used, folding preferences (if any), dryer temperatures, and more.

Step 2: Laundry pickup

A Laundry Hub agent will swing by within your scheduled pick-up to pick up your packed laundry bags. Before we pick up your laundry, we will send a reminder so that you can load up your laundry bags and leave them out for pick up.

Step 3: Your clean laundry delivered

Now you can breathe easy knowing that your garments are being washed using eco-friendly detergents rather than harsh, traditional detergents. With our faster turnaround time, you can rest assured we will deliver your clean clothes within the shortest period possible. We will send a notification to let you know when our driver is close to your location.


Why Laundry Hub?

On-demand laundry and dry cleaning services: With Laundry Hub, you can place a laundry order any time, schedule a pick-up, and get your clean garments delivered to your doorstep. Keeping your clothes clean and neatly folded has never been this easy.

Professional garment care: All our laundry experts know how to handle even the most delicate garments carefully better than anyone else. They know what should be dry cleaned and what can’t, the recommended dryer temperature, and more. They will also ensure that every laundry item is cleaned to your exact preferences.

Save time and money: You no longer need to waste time driving to a laundromat or dry cleaner. Our laundry service involves pickup and delivery. This will save you a lot of time to focus on things that matter most to you.

Excellent customer service: Laundry Hub is here for you around the clock to make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. We also allow our clients to make cashless payments, which means you can pay for our laundry service in Toronto from the comfort of your home.

Eco-friendly Laundry: Laundry Hub provides professional laundry services and eco-friendly dry cleaning. We use safe and perc-free solvents. If you want your clothes to be washed using a specific detergent, specify it when scheduling a laundry pick-up.

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