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At Laundry Hub, we offer reliable wash and fold in Toronto. We wash and fold a ton of laundry, and we are very good at it. As the name suggests, our wash and fold laundry services mean that your clothes will be carefully washed, dried, and folded before being delivered to you. This is a basic laundry service and may not include pressing or ironing associated with dry cleaning unless you request it.

One-Stop Wash and Fold in Toronto

Hands up if you loathe washing and folding. Well, laundry is bothersome, time-consuming, and takes more effort than you care to exert. But it is a necessary part of your life – your clothes need cleaning, and wet washing or dry cleaning is the only way to keep your wardrobe clean and in decent condition. That’s where Laundry Hub comes in. We provide convenient wash and fold in Toronto to tackle this annoying and time-consuming chore for you.

Also known as fluff and fold, our wash and fold laundry services give you valuable time to get back to the things you enjoy most. So, pack your wash & fold laundry bag with your shorts, dress shirts, pants, shirts, socks, and more. Our experienced team will pick up your dirty laundry, launder it, and return your folded clean laundry ready to be kept in your drawer.

How our Wash & Fold Service Works

Step 1: Schedule laundry pickup

Pack your dirty laundry in your wash & fold bag or any other bag. When scheduling your laundry pickup, select all your garment treatment preferences – whether you prefer towels rolled, not folded, or prefer eco-friendly and biodegradable detergents, we can accommodate your requests. Remember, our primary goal is to make your laundry day easy.

Step 2: Laundry pickup

On your laundry day, you will get personalized laundry service. We will send a reminder or notification before we pick up your laundry. Remember, you can sort your laundry or let our experts sort it out for you – they know fabric types and what should be hand washed, and what can be put in a front load washer.

Step 3: Clean laundry delivery

Suppose you’re not at home, no problem. Just tell us your laundry delivery preferences. Once your clothes are cleaned, crisp, and ready for wear, our delivery driver will return them folded and drop them at your designated location.

Why Laundry Hub?

With our wash and fold services, you can sit back, relax, and focus on other important things. Once you hand over your dirty laundry to us, rest assured that your clothes and other items are in caring hands. We sort all laundry items into lights, whites, and darks while taking note of the machine washable garments.

Next, your clothes are carefully washed and dried, completely separate from other orders. These clean items are then hung on hangers or carefully folded as they’re removed from dryers, resulting in a fresh, pressed, and wrinkle-free look. Also, we will match and fold your socks, and there’s no extra charge for kids’ socks.

Trust the experts – let Laundry Hub do your laundry. We’re the premiere wash and fold in Toronto.

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